Interior lights names and details

Interior lights

Interior lights these fixtures are exactly what you think they are: Any lamp, pendant,
or fixture used to illuminate your home’s Interior lights. They are typically made not just to brighten your space

What is Interior lighting?

but to add décor and overall enhance your current furniture setup.
This includes the fixtures already installed in your home when you move in and any lamps or other fixtures you add.
Importantly, Interior fixtures are often not waterproof and dustproof—important
items for outdoor fixtures to have—so they should only be used inside at all times.

14 types of Interior lights

Mix and match any of the below types of Interior fixtures to elevate your surroundings and set the mood, no matter the occasion

Interior Lights

  1. Recessed fixtures
  2. Track lighting
  3. Pendant lights
  4. Wall sconces
  5. Ceiling lighting
  6. Ambient lighting
  7. Task lighting
  8. Accent lighting
  9. LED strip interior
  10. Laser lighting
  11. Portable lighting
  12. Plug-in lighting
  13. Star lighting
  14. Galaxy and nebula cloud fixtures

Recessed Interior lights for False Ceiling | LED Ceiling Light for Home and Hall | Cut Out: 6 inch, Cool Day Light

Recessed fixtures are any Interior lights fully contained inside your
walls, ceiling, or floors. While that wording might sound fancy or complex,
it’s basically just the interior design way of describing the fixtures that
lay flush with your ceiling or walls. On the other hand, fixtures that protrude
from your walls, floors, or ceiling are not recessed.

2.Track lighting

Track lighting
Your home’s pre-installed fixtures aren’t the only way you can
direct light from your ceiling toward your floors.
Track lights mount to and protrude from your ceiling.
They point directly downward, so you can use them to illuminate hallways
or the very center of a room. They have a high-class and artistic feel,
but you might need an electrician to help you properly install them.

3.Pendant lights

Pendant lights

Pendants come in a wide range of colors and styles that seamlessly blend into any home decor.
You can easily set up pendants by yourself (but having some friends help never hurts).
Just attach some sturdy hooks to your ceiling, then run your
pendant’s wire through your hooks and along walls and floors while keeping it out of view.
Pendants are swanky like their track lighting counterparts,
but they can be a lot easier to set up than track lights.
So too can another type of Interior light often wrongly seen as challenging to install…

4.Wall sconces

Wall sconces extend from your wall to illuminate your hallways and side tables,
so you might think that using them requires an electrician installing wiring behind your walls.
But that isn’t always the case! Plug-in wall sconces solve this
problem – just keep the wire well-hidden, plug it in,
and securely mount your sconces. Chances are that nobody other
than you will know that you’ve gone the plug-in route instead of making a more permanent investment.

5.Ceiling lighting

Speaking of permanent, if you need a consistent, reliable foundation
for your Interior lighting design, install ceiling fixtures.
We don’t mean just standard recessed ceiling fixtures – we mean chandeliers,
pendants that you mount close to your ceiling, and even low-hanging lights.
Without the much-needed lighting cornerstone that ceiling lights can provide,
your Interior space, whether your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, might be imperfectly lit.

6.Ambient lighting

If you use fixtures on (or in!) your ceiling to build your well-lit foundation as we just described,
then you’re using what’s called ambient lighting. This is one of the three major types of Interior lighting,
and many fixtures and styles fall under it. For example, a floor lamp powerful enough to
brighten your whole room is ambient lighting. It creates a base layer of soft or bright white,
off-white, or yellow hues for your room that you can build on with the other two major types of fixtures:

7.Task lighting

Task lamps and other similar fixtures are what you install or set up to use for specific activities.
Your desk lamp, bedside reading lamp, and even the light over your sink that you turn on to wash
dishes are all considered task lights. You’ll usually set them up on side tables or directly
above chairs or desks, so you can get really creative with their look, brightness,
and placement – just as you can with accent fixtures.

8.Accent lighting

Need a quick way to make your favorite furniture piece or painting appear brighter and stand out more?
You’re looking for accent lighting. Install a fixture directly above a dazzling loveseat or right under
a stunning portrait to properly illuminate it and draw attention to it. With accent lighting,
you can emphasize all your room’s best traits!

9.LED strip interior

This type of Interior lighting is best known as an energy-efficient alternative
to the light bulbs that dominated the 20th century. LEDs diffract in all directions
and bathe your room in a soft hue. They’re long-lasting, staying lit for thousands of hours.
Some models support color-changing abilities through a remote or an app, too.
You’ll find LED lights in many forms, including standard bulbs and decorative and
accent fixtures like strip lights and string lights.

10.Laser lighting

Lasers are electrical filaments used to generate light found across a wide array of fixture types.
Since lasers travel along a narrow beam instead of diffracting in all directions,
it doesn’t lose brightness and focus over distance. Its narrow path also makes
diffracting one beam into thousands of smaller beams super easy, which is why,
here at BlissLights, our laser projectors often have that widely sought,
lovely starry sky effect (which we’ll discuss more soon).

11.Portable lighting

These portable fixtures can be brought with you from room to room,
and even to other’s homes or to work. They’re simple to plug in and install,
either by plugging in to a regular outlet or connecting to a USB.
Their lightweight and compact design also make them a cinch to pack up and take with you.
Here at BlissLights, our StarPort Laser USB is the perfect example of
a portable light– this tiny fixture plugs into your portable battery,
charging base, or laptop for easy movement between rooms, but its light brings full-size power!

12.Plug-in lighting

Plug-in lighting runs the gamut from classic daytime fixtures to special lasers.
Your favorite floor lamp is a plug-in, and so are laser projectors.
With our Ark Ambient Aurora Light, for example, all you need to do is connect it to an outlet
and set your projector down wherever you want. Beautiful blue and green hues will
soon after flood your room in a transportive, relaxing wave cloud-like nebula.

13.Star lighting

Simulate a night under the stars with lasers! Star lighting fully
illuminates your room in red, blue, or green while projecting stars throughout your space.
Even the most striking accent fixtures can’t quite make your room look like what you see
at midnight from a clear field with no streetlights – use our BlissBulb for that instead.
The shapes it casts might be enjoyably unorthodox, but it screws into standard fixtures
like any old bulb, making a beautiful view supremely easy.

14.Galaxy and nebula cloud fixtures

Stars are just the start – you can project whole galaxies Interior lights!
Lie back and relax as a calming swirl of nebula clouds with starry speckles engulfs your room.
You can achieve this tranquility with our Skylight Laser Galaxy Projector,
which is a huge hit on TikTok. Anyone can get in on this new decor sensation – yes, that includes you!


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