Kitchen Vastu: The Phenomenon of Perceiving Culinary Spaces in All Directions

Kitchen vastu Designing a beautiful kitchen that also presents general wellbeing can only be achieved beyondcosmetic computational methods. Vastu Shastra, the ancient discipline of architectural design originating from India, observes that the positioning of the kitchen has a potential of significantly influencing the flow of energy in the entire home. Let’s look at how to align your kitchen with Vastu principles by evaluating each cardinal direction: is split into four cardinal regions namely East, West, North and South.

East-facing Kitchens: The Parting of the Ways: Epithelizing Meals as the Dawn of Nourishment

East-facing Kitchens

As per Vastu Shastra, east is combination of newness and life through sun wakes up from eastern sky. It is believed that east-facing kitchen is most favorable too. The natural light in the morning, especially the sun that filters through your kitchen window, is not only an improvement to the general views but also brings in a youthful and healthy-looking atmosphere.

The stove occupies the first plane and should be placed in the southeastern part of the kitchen, if the house faces east. This position brings into play the power of the fire component, ensuring that the meals would be prepared with enthusiasm and health security. Moreover, placing the sink in the northeast or north ensures a balanced mix of fire and water since it would always be in the corner.

West-facing kitchens: Ionic photograph harnessing the evening glow

West-facing Kitchens

Although there are drawbacks to having a west-facing kitchen, there are certainly some advantages known, such as warm light hitting the house in the evening from the setting sun. Though not orthodox as that seen in eastern countries, such kitchens can still be planned following the Vastu principles that would ensure the right vibe in the kitchen.

In a west-facing kitchen, the stove must be accorded to the southeast as is the case with east facing plan. That is why such a constant positioning ensures that the fire element in a brand’s perception is always remaining strong and efficient. While the cooking range must face eastwards, the sink must be placed northwest aligned to achieve a good proportion of fire and water. For example, it is advisable to position the eating room in a west facing in order to capture the wane in energy in the evenings.


North-facing Kitchens

The north is associated with richness and affluence or presided by the deity of richness, Kubera. Kitchen located in the north direction can help in gaining wealth and financial advancement if planned as per the Vastu principles.

For such kitchens, the stove is again placed towards the southeast so as to make sure that the fire element is given due respect. The refrigerator representing storage or preservation should be placed ideally in the SW area relating to the wealth aspect. In addition, the position of the sink should be located in the northwest in order to visualize the smooth flow of energy in the kitchen area, making it a prosperity and health zone.

South-Facing Kitchens: Utilizing Strength and Stability

South-facing Kitchens

Kitchens facing south are different from the others and they give a feel of strength and stability. These kitchens fall under the fire element and have great potential if constructed and placed according to Vastu principles.

Stove should be placed in the Southeast direction as Southeast is ruled by god of fire, Agni. This placement ensures the fire’s energy is channelled in the right manner to ensure warmth and strength to the household. On the other hand, the sink should be in the northeast area to balance the fire element with water. Furthermore, the pantry or storage should be located in the southwest for stabilizing the kitchen and ensuring a good supply of food.

Conclusion: Building Tasty Food Environments

The implementation of Vastu Shastra principles in your kitchen means a lot more than sticking to certain rules. It is all about arranging the place and making people feel the joy in every meal they are preparing and offering to the guests. It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is oriented in the east or west, north or south; applying these rules can turn your kitchen into a haven of positive energy, thereby improving the Feng Shui of the entire house.

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