House Elevation Design Idea 2022-2023

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15×60 house 3d animation

House Plan Feature FIRST FLOOR PLAN

  1. Master Bedroom With Good Ventilation
  2. Toilet/Bath
  3. OTS
  4. Bedroom
  5. Kitchen
  6. Lobby
  7. Puja Room
    8 . Stair in Front For Rent Purpose
  8. Stair Under Gas Cabinet
  9. Toilet & Bath

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15 x 60 home design with Interior & Car Parking #15×60 @3D House Design
15×60 House Plan 2nd Floor 3D Animation | House Design 3d | 15×60 @navi

15 x 60 home design with Interior & Car Parking

Floor Description

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20×60 House Plan | 1200 square feet house design With Interior

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