15×60 House Plan

House Plan 15 X 60 Thank you for visiting the 3D HOUSE NAKSHA 15×60 house layout. Having three-story and a floor size of 84 square meters across a lot that is around 900 square feet, let’s take a short look at the house’s exterior right now. The layout we’ll be discussing with you today is constructed over a 15 by 60-foot space. Modern design was used to create this ground floor, two-bedroom plan. Because the land is so small, there is no parking place, therefore the plan’s rooms would need to be even smaller if one were included. will. Ground floor concept with two bedrooms.This 16×20 ground floor plan has two bedrooms. Let’s now take a closer look at the plan. The first drawing room or dining room in the layout is 8 by 8 in size. You can retain a sofa set and a TV in this room. You can install it and keep a small dining table alongside it.
Plan for a 15 x 60 house with parking After this section, there is a modular kitchen that is 5 by 5 in size and has all the amenities you could possibly need to carry out cooking tasks with ease. After this space, there is an 8 by 6 study room that you may set up for your kids. In this room, you can keep a chair and a table so that they can study there.In order to keep receiving bright light and make it simple for the kids to read, a large window has also been added. A 10-by-9-inch bedroom, complete with an adjoining bathroom, is located farther down the hallway. In this room, you can keep a bed, assemble a wardrobe, and store any decorative things you like. 54 is what size? This plan has windows in every room, and each one has a ventilator as well.

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